Monday, May 11, 2015

Session 1 Synopsis

The revelry of the night was cut abruptly short by the arrival of the spell-plagued ankhegs bursting through the tavern floor from the tunnels they cut into the cellar. A fierce battle ensued that claimed the lives of numerous patrons and bouncers, but in the end victory was in the hands of our six newly minted heroes of the day:

Asphodel - a very beautiful halfling summoner who enjoys walking about town in her dragon shaped eidolon suit.
Zolanoratael - a stunning, both in looks and from the bright halo under her hat, assimar lady, although a bit unstable.
Blackwell - a slightly paranoid, slightly lost in the world, werewolf with adopted gnome parents.
Kel - a good looking young fighting man who hasn't lost his boyish charm.
Zerak - he's a half elf witch who seems to be a little on the creepy side.
Jobi - a tiefling sorcerer who's not afraid to use her exotic good looks to full advantage.

These six strangers have been pulled together by a random attack and now may be on their way to fame and fortune in Neverwinter. Sam was so grateful that they saved the Bloated Float (most of it) that he offered all of them free rooms whenever they are in town.

Regis was also very grateful and impressed. He has offered them a part in his latest endeavor. Regis knows of the existence of an ancient recipe that supposedly will cure all ailments. He is sure he knows where its last known resting place is and is equally sure that he will be able to master the recipe and bring it to the masses on a large scale. Regis means to sell the brew cheaply for all the common folk so that their lives will be better by being disease and wound free. Regis and his caravan are scheduled to leave for Targos in about a week's time. They'll use Targos as their base and then travel to the wizard's tower that is supposed to have this important ancient recipe.

The mintarn guard has also noticed our band of adventurers - they arrived shortly after the battle (as usual). After surveying the situation and taking statements, Telliann, the low level noble assigned to this area of Neverwinter was impressed with their performance, congratulated them, and offered them a reward and a spot on the official list of adventurers that the city keeps for future employment opportunities.

So our band went to the city offices the next day, met the captain of the guard and claimed their reward. Telliann took our heroes aside and offered them some work right away. It seems that some of the lower class citizens have been disappearing close to the city's cemetary, Neverdeath. Captain Ironfinger thinks that they're all just transients that have relocated and not really disappeared, but Telliann isn't convinced of this. She knows the people of the district and fears for their safety. She has charged our band of adventurers to search around Neverdeath and see if they can find anything amiss and either report back to her or take care of the problem.

After a long search of the cemetary grounds, they spotted an unusual mausoleum in that there were four rotted bodies lying on the ground outside of the mausoleum. Upon closer examination the skeletons got up and attacked! The party made short work of these abominations even though some of them only had edged weapons and had a difficult time delivering any serious damage to the foes.

When they had a chance to examine the crypt some more, they discovered that even though the doors were closed, the seal on the doors had been broken recently, indicating that someone, or something has recently entered the crypt. So the intrepid band opened the doors and proceeded down the stairs into the bowels of the mausoleum. THe stairs descended to a chamber with raised walkways on either side of it. There was a pile of bodies in the center of the floor - recently deceased and rotting - along with six more skeletons that rose up to attack. Once again our party destroyed the threat in short order. Zola seems to be quite effective against skeletons and their ilk, while Kel seems to be struggling with only a sharp longsword (and it did so well against the ankhegs).

We leave our band of adventurers cleaning their weapons and deciding on their next move...

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