In Addition to the following, all rules in the Ultimate Campaign Source Book apply: Each of these settlements are considered under the Rule of Neverwinter – in essence making the PCs who are claiming the settlements Viceroys – rulers of their settlements unless an edict from Neverwinter comes down.

These settlements were either purchased or given. For the characters that do not currently have a settlement, they can get one either by grant or purchase of 1 mile hex in size on the outskirts of Neverwinter’s sphere of control. Lord Neverember will give each PC a total of 10 Build Points worth of resources, plus the ability to purchase them at a discounted rate as a one-time purchase from Neverwinter and/or Waterdeep.

Initial costs of Build Points for characters who are starting their settlements = 1,000 gold pieces per BP. This rate is only good for the initial purchase of Build Points, after that any purchase costs 4,000 gold per BP. • The size of Blackwell’s settlement is 1 hex and is considered completely cleared and is considered plains.
• The size of Asphodel’s settlement is 1 hex and must be cleared and is considered plains.
• The size of Kel’s settlement is 1 hex and must be cleared and is considered plains.

Each hex has 36 lots that are buildable. Each built lot translates into roughly 250 people living there –AFTER – these initial numbers:

• Blackwell’s settlement has an initial 4 lots built but only has his parent’s and followers available from his leadership feat
• Asphodel’s settlement has a castle taking up the equivalent of 4 lots but only has followers available from her leadership feat
• Kel’s settlement is undeveloped and no buildings or population exist at this time.

The settlements will start to gain citizens (and after the initial group of followers) as they build buildings and promote their settlements:
• For the first 10 buildings (not lots, buildings) the population will increase by 50 people per building • The next 10 buildings the population will increase by 100 people per building
• For each month they promote at a +2 level will add another 10% population until the max of 250 people per built up lot is achieved.

I will send each player details on their followers that they attract as separate emails. Once the initial settlement is established with followers, we will then use the rules to determine other settlement/kingdom attributes (economy, law, etc) which will determine how many BPs are spent and earned each month.

We will try not to make this a real micro-managed thing – hopefully just a monthly (in game time) review of the kingdom’s progress and what each owner wants to do – and maybe most of that through email instead of Friday game time.