In-Character Rewards

REPOSTED FROM KEVIN'S RISE OF THE RUNELORDS. ALL THIS APPLIES TO HERE AS WELL. I realize that there have been some mixed feelings about how effective, or damaging, this ill-fated attempt to encourage more focused game sessions worked. Please know that we, Chris and I, never intended to alienate, or gang up on, any one player. We were simply attempting to steer the players toward a middle ground where each player felt comfortable and able to express their character’s actions and intentions without fear or getting lost in the thrum of the extraneous conversations. To those that felt they were being singled out, I can only offer my sincere apologies. So, since some in the group had earned a reward, I feel it is only far to grant each of you the option to choose one of the following one-time bonuses:
  • A free hero point. (This free hero point counts as normal, so, you cannot have more than three unless you also have the Hero’s Fortune feat.)
  • One free magical, or mundane, item with a value no higher than 1000 gp.
  • A free One-Time retraining of your character’s class. (This retraining will also happen instantaneously and will not require the usual 5+ days per class feature. This retraining does not include hit points.)
  • Alter any One special ability that one of your character’s magical weapons, or armors, has to another of the same cost. (i.e trade out Flaming for Frost. Legacy weapons cannot be altered in this way.)
  • Each player should look over these options carefully and select the one that they want on the first day we resume playing Phoenix Rising.
Thank you all for your trying to utilize this system

So far the totals for Consecutive Good Dice are as follows:
  • Matt has 1
  • Antonio and Jared have 5
  • Danielle has 10
  • James and Kevin have 11