Tuesday, May 10, 2050

Neverwinter - The Ashen Jewel of the North

For some of you, this has been your home since the day you were born. For others, you find yourself fascinated by this blasted and ruined city as it struggles for its existence. For all of you, the dreams of becoming great heroes like the ones of legend, or great rulers (maybe even this city’s ruler), or amassing great wealth and retiring in luxury, or ridding the world of evil, drives you to seek out adventure.

In a city with as much chaos as Neverwinter, you'd think it would be easy for someone to get a paying adventurer job, but it's not. Not since Lord Degault Neverember has been bringing in his Mintarn enforcers to guard The Wall, patrol the city, and attempt to "reclain" areas for civilized living.

Now it seems that all adventuring jobs that get posted are either way too dangerous for fledglings like yourselves or only go to friends and relative of Nevermember of the Mintarns, leaving only mundane jobs for nobodies like you. So for now, you work at the docks by day ('cause you gotta eat), strp on your adventuring gear at night and hope you can land a real job.

(This campaign is based in the Neverwinter Campaign Setting, starts at level 1 and will be using the Pathfinder rules set)

Day The First

10 years... It’s been 10 years since Lord Neverember outstretched his hand to Neverwinter, making claims of distant connections to the last royal bloodline and promising to help rebuild the city to its former glory. He brought gifts of food, water, money, jobs, and security, which first inspired a sense of happy hopefulness in the citizenry. But those hopes faded over time. The progress has been slow, painfully slow in some areas and non-existent in others. Then Neverember brought in his Mintarn soldiers for security and protection of the citizens. It’s been more like mediocre security for the masses and more like a shakedown for a lot of the population, except the lucky few in the good graces of his Lord Degault Neverember.

It’s not been all bad though, a lot of the more populated sections of the city are safer (relatively) and more decent housing is (slowly) available for people, but of course, the poor are the last to see any improvements. Even the chances of increasing one’s station by serving at the Wall have been removed for most people, being reserved mostly for the Mintarn mercenaries. And as luck would have it, you're not one of the wealthy or one of the lucky ones here in Neverwinter.

10 years of a hard life with no real end in sight. When is it really going to get better? 10 years...

It’s been hard trying to find good work that pays well in this city. You haven't been able to land your dream job of becoming a full-fledged adventurer yet. Those jobs have been going to more experienced adventurers and people with friends in high places. So, for the time being you've been working at the docks during the day and changing into your adventurer's gear at night, hoping for a paying gig to come your way.

It's a great start to the weekend. The bar is packed and the band is rockin’. A couple of small fist fights are going on, each contestant trying not to get knocked out from the punch thrown. Since you've been in town you've been staying at the Bloated Float Inn, mainly because it's cheap and because it's where the wine merchant Regis stays when he is in town with a fresh load of wine, mead, ale, and alcohol. And Regis is here tonight up at the bar partying like he already bypassed tomorrow. The four bouncers are half-orcs but they're friendly enough as long as one doesn't get in their way, or spill a drink on them.

The band is jamming and the place is a cacophony of music, talking, laughing, and shouting.

For those of you who like things a bit more chaotic and wild, watch this: