Sunday, June 14, 2015

Session 52 Synopsis

Previously, on Phoenix Rising...
… Shortly after Blackwell finished eating Alira’s heart he reverted back to human form, having spent all the time as a werewolf that his current condition would allow each day. His face and hands covered in the evil woman’s blood. His now human stomach gave a lurch as it tried to come to terms with cannibalistic flesh now residing inside it which it was expected to digest. Jobi looked on with obvious disgust and disdain and Zerak looked on with an incredulous look upon his face…

Zola helped Blackwell out with his feelings of fatigue by temporarily removing his fatigue so they could effectively leave this place without anyone lagging behind. The party searched the entire room and the remaining bodies – the devils bodies had disintegrated into ash when they were “killed” for their mortal forms were all that were really destroyed. Each devil will reform again on one of the plains of Hell where they will reside for quite a while before being able to come back to the mortal realms. They found the following items:

(2) +1 flaming composite longbows for a +5 strength modifier, an amulet of natural armor +3, a belt of mighty constitution +2, a cloak of resistance +3 and a headband of alluring charisma +4

The part took a few minutes to compare these items to their current gear, made a few swaps and bagged the rest as party treasure to be sold off at a later date.

Next, the party left the House of Knowledge dungeon ruins and headed back to the guard captain’s headquarters to talk with Telliann about what they had found out. When they arrived, Zerak asked her if they could go and talk at the same place they did before, namely on the bridge, so they would not be overheard. She agreed and they all walked over to the bridge.

Once they were sure that no one was in the area to overhear their conversation, Zerak began laying out the documents they did have and what they were able to piece together, although he indicated that the hard evidence was not in their possession – presumably Mordai Vell had it somewhere. It took Telliann a few minutes to absorb everything and to appreciate the severity of the situation if all this turned out to be true. If Lord Neverember and many others of Neverwinter’s ruling class were truly being controlled by the devil worshipping cult, then it was only a matter of time before they came after her and did the same thing or worse. If she stayed on and acted as if nothing was going on, she would be in danger of being abducted as soon as Vell found out what the heroes had done. He supposedly would step up his timetable and maybe grab her very soon. But if she left abruptly, then Vell would be tipped off that she knows and would have her hunted down. No, there needed to be a different plan.

Then Asphodel put forth that maybe she could hide out at her castle until such time that they could put an end to Mordai’s plans. After some debate, she agreed that this may be the best thing to do. So she decided to make up a story to tell her second in command that she needed to travel to a neighboring town in the north for some official business. Then she went and retrieved some things she would need and then headed out of Neverwinter heading north. After an hour or so of traveling, she met up with the party where Asphodel then teleported the group back to her castle which was located half a day’s ride south of Neverwinter. It took her a total of three castings of her teleport spell to get everyone back and they made sure that no one would have been able to follow them and figure out the whereabouts of Telliann.

Asphodel gave Telliann her own quarters and told her to feel at home, that she could stay as long as was needed. Then she asked some of her friends if they would be interested in having positions of power at her castle/settlement. There wouldn’t be much now to do, but as the place grew in inhabitants, their services would be needed more and more. Zerak was offered the Magister’s position which he accepted graciously. Jobi was to be the new head priestess in charge of all the temples and shrines that were to be built. Zola gladly accepted the position of General. And Sir Oakley decided that the Marshall position was best suited for his talents – training guards, teaching Bahamut’s litany, and making sure the settlement runs smoothly. Blackwell and Kel weren’t actually offered any positions since they had their own settlements to work on and be in charge of.

With this all worked out for now, our heroes settled in for a much needed rest. But just how long they were going to get to rest (or want to rest) remains to be seen. This concludes season 2 of the ongoing adventures of our heroes. Join us next season when we return in a few months for more action and adventure…

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